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Sodium chloriteSodium chlorite

Sodium chlorite

  • CAS No.:7758-19-2
  • Product description: Sodium chlorite - KAIXIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD

sodium chlorite 80%

1 -Appearance for  sodium chlorite:

Solid is white or yellow greenish crystalline powder;liquid is light yellowish solution.

2 - Properties for sodium chlorite:

Sodium chlorite(soild): White or light yellow greenish crystal, basic, slightly absorb moisture,easily soluble in water and alcohol. Sodium chlorite is stable in normal condition, it release chlorine dioxide when meet acid. If contact with wood scraps, organic compounds, reducing substances, or if knocked or rubbed, it is easy to explode or burn. Toxic!

3 - Technical indicators ( Specification ) for  sodium chlorite:

Inspection Items

80% powder index

82% powder index

90% powder index

Sodium Chlorite

80% min

82% min

90% min

Sodium Chlorate

1.1% max

1.0% max

0.8% max

Sodium Hydroxide

0.6% max

0.5% max

0.4% max

Sodium Carbonate

15.6% max

14.7% max

9.0% max

Sodium Sulfate

0.8% max

0.7% max

0.6% max

Sodium Nitrate

0.1% max

0.1% max

0.1% max


0.0003% max

0.0003% max

0.0003% max


0.00001% max

0.00001% max

0.00001% max

Pb Lead

0.0001% max

0.0001% max

0.0001% max

4 - Uses for  sodium chlorite:

Used in producing chlorine dioxide, or bleaching textiles, fiber, paper pulp, sand sugar, flour, wax, fruit etc, or certain metal surface treating, drink water and waste water purification etc.

5 - Package for sodium chlorite:

Solid: Iron drum with plastic liner,net Weight: 50kg, liquid: PVC plastic drum, net Weight: 250kg, or in UN approved IBCs, or following customer’s demand.

6 - Storage for  sodium chlorite:

Do not mix with acid or reducing substances, Sealed tightly and store in cool and dry place. Avoid sunshine and keep far away from heat and fire. Fire: Extinguishing it with sand, water, or other kinds of fire extinguisher.

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